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Transport to Tioman

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We're all about Tioman Transport, getting our customers to beautiful Tioman Island. Our service starts either from Singapore or from anywhere in Malaysia, your choice.

Transport to Tioman is our core-business and we've been doing it safely, efficiently, yet affordably, for close to a decade.

If you're not sure how to get to Mersing Harbour Centre, the ferry terminal to make the ferry hop to Pulau Tioman, then it's good to know that there are two public transport options: by bus and by car. More...

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Mersing Harbour Centre, collect your ferry tickets

Mersing Harbour Centre

After your ferry booking has been completed online, collect your tickets and boarding passes at the Mersing Harbour Centre complex

Book your hotel in Mersing online

Hotel Mersing

Staying the night in Mersing before hopping on an early morning Tioman ferry to Tioman? Book your preferred room on Hotel Mersing

Pick your Tioman Spa therapy here

Tioman Spa

Feel like indulging in an idyllic massage or heavenly aromatherapy? Select your spa treatment from Tioman Spa, easy and conveniently


Tioman Island


January 1 - December 31