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Going by Train in Malaysia

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Whether you're a solo traveler or planning your Malaysia holiday with friends, your partner or your family, opting for the train whilst trekking through this vast country is a great idea. The railway system in Malaysia is called KTMB and apart from a lot of fun, traveling by train in Malaysia is also very comfy. The fact that you get to see endless panoramas out of your window and that you can take a nap whenever you like are both bonus extras of the train.

Straight and narrow

The other awesome aspect of going by train in Malaysia is that you're literally going along the straight and narrow. No traffic jam, weather issues, slippery roads etc. You're always going to be chugging along nicely, whether you're updating your YouTube clips, writing emails back home or enjoying a nice meal. Taking the train in Malaysia has got to be the most relaxing way of getting from A to B.

So by all means consider going by train. If you want to check if the places you want to visit are on the train network, just pop the names of the various destinations into the booking form below. By the way, it does make sense to book your train tickets in advance.

FYI, peak season is July - August!

You can use the form for every available train destination in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

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