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Ferry to Tioman

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Pro Tip: Not sure where you need to get off the ferry? Don't worry, you can select any of the jetties listed in the booking form, since the ferry always stops at each of the jetties.

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If you've heard of Tioman's natural beauty, its gin-clear waters and its idyllic bounty beaches, and you've day-dreamed about spending a few days there, then why not take the plunge and make this blissful little island your next getaway destination.

As far as Tioman is concerned, happiness is just a ferry ride away.

Tioman Island is just a ferry rie away
Tioman Island is just a ferry ride away

Tioman is located about 50 kilometers offshore from the malaysian Peninsula. It's too far for a day trip but close enough for a wonderful weekend in an exotic paradise. In fact, the distance from the mainland and the lack of flights are probably the main reasons how Tioman managed to retain its unique and breathtaking allure.

Timeless beauty

Think long pearly white beaches, waving coconut trees and a stunning backdrop of a luscious emerald jungle that hums with life. In fact, apart from flora and fauna that lives only here on Tioman, you may also come across Rafflesia, the worlds biggest flower. Other animal and plants species are likely still awaiting discovery.

Meanwhile, below the water surface, prepare to encounter coral gardens, featuring a diversity of species that rivals even Great Barrier Reef. Tioman sits right at the edge of the Coral Triangle and, as such, it offers a coral species density not seen in most other coral-endowed regions of the world.

Paradise found

How do you find this paradise? It's actually quite simple, even without a direct flight. From Kuala Lumpur, you can catch any one of the various south-bound coaches to Mersing Harbour Centre, which is the location of the ferry terminal that feeds Tioman.

If you're departing from Singapore, then the same applies; just take any of the touring buses that depart from depots in Singapore. The journey to Mersing is about 5 and 4 hours, respectively.

Prefer the convenience of a private vehicle? Taxis are available from KL and Singapore.

Let the sunny times roll
Let the sunny times roll

Do keep in mind that the ferry to Tioman can only depart during high tide, so make sure you plan your arrival in Mersing correctly. Last thing you want is to arrive at the ferry terminal, only to see the ferry pull away from the jetty. So best book your Tioman ferry tickets online.

Lastly, the busy peak season is . The months of December and January are considered monsoon season.

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