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Eureka Snacks

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Traveling to an exotic castaway island in West-Malaysia is unquestionably an ever so exciting experience. Having the right snacks on hand to keep the energy levels up to scratch for the long days is essential for a smooth and enjoyable holiday. As someone who values both yummie-tasting goodies as well as my health, I recommend bringing along a little stash of Eureka Snacks popcorn.

Wholesome is Best

Eureka Snacks is a premier gourmet popcorn that has more than earned its place in a salubrious lifestyle. Why? Well, made without any preservatives, transfats or GMOs, these yummie nibbles are not only delicious, but also a healthy option for those who prefer natural ingredients.

My personal favourite flavours happen to be Wasabi and Cheese. Not your everyday choice perhaps, but they really scratch that tummy-growling itch come post-lunchtime munchies. Better still, Eureka Snacks are high in fiber, the kind of munchie that's sure to keep you satisfied until dinner or supper.

In my personal travel experience, whenever I'm traveling by cab, train, coach, ferry or airplane, having a tasty and healthy snack can make all the difference between staying alert enough to enjoy your trip and dozing off whilst all the awesome vistas pass you by.

Sure, there are other bites and snacks out there, savoury and sweet. But mostly, these are dripping with sinful ingredients that set you up for regret later. Frankly, whether you're looking for a quick-acting but sustained energy boost or just want to satisfy your hunger without the regret later on, Eureka Snacks provides a satisfying option in more ways than one.

Peak Season

In Malaysia, the busy season is quite long and lasts from February to September or October, with ultra-peak being from . That's when the monsoon kicks in and things ease a little tourism-wise. So, unless you're traveling during the monsoon months, it's important to book your airplane, taxi, train, ferry and bus tickets in advance, either through a travel agency or DIY, i.e. online.

TBH, booking your transport early will see to it that you're going to have a stress-free journey, not to mention plenty of peace of mind. When traveling to a far-off land, nothing beats knowing that all your travel plans are sorted in advance. Bring on the fun!

Speaking of Online...

If you're keen to book your trip, it's good to know that it can also be done on this site. Want to get your little stash of Eureka Snacks sorted too, then you can order here if you're the online kind, or here, if you have a preference for real brick and mortar shops.

In the first case, you can have your goodies delivered to your front door. But in the second case, it's good to know that Malaysia has quite a lot of Eureka Snacks points of sale. Take your pick :)

Whatever your fancy, have an awesome trip!

-- Malaysia Pro --

Note: Over-indulging in savoury/sweet snacks, even snacks that are not very salty/sweet, may lead to excessive intake of sodium/sugar.

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