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Mersing Harbour Centre

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Pride and joy of Mersing since its opening by the Sultan of Johor in 2017, Mersing Harbour Centre has effortlessly taken on the role of Mersing's one-stop transport hub for all journeys into Mersing and out of Mersing.

Taking a taxi, a ferry or a bus? Odds are you'll be headed for Mersing Harbour Centre at one point or another. Either to colelct your ferry tickets or to swing by the provisions shop to get a bottle of water, or to ease the munchies.

Need to book a hotel or resort in Tioman? Or just a bed and breakfast in Mersing to tide you over until your ferry to Tioman the next day? Or maybe you're keen to book a jungle adventure in Endau? Mersing Harbour Centre will have at least one counter to serve your reservation needs.

But there's more. What of the numerous retail outlets in Mersing Harbour Centre, offering everything from Tioman souvenirs to sun-block, traditional Malay snacks to authentic batik? Mersing Harbour Centre has enough items on sale to placate even the most insatiable retail apatite.

Mersing Harbour Centre also has a comprehensive F and B section, with both oriental and western dishes in the offing. Drinks of the hot and cold persuasion can also he had, prompyly and affordably.

Naturally, Mersing Harbour Centre offers plenty of car park space, along with amenities and facilities of various kinds. To wit: a convention centre, a kiddie playground, a prayer room, a spa and a fully decked out washroom area, including shower cubicles.

In short, whether you're headed for Tioman Island for a paradise stint, or on your way back to Singapore from a Pulau Rawa weekend, Mersing Harbour Centre is the place to be before you head out on your trip.

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