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Pulau Bawah

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Pulau Bawah, it has been claimed, is without so much as a shadow of a doubt the creme de la creme when it comes to drop-dead gorgeous private beach island destinations.

Pulau Bawah, or Nether Island in English, is sheer perfection: a tiny cluster of five out-of-the-way islands, surrounding a total of, not one, nor two, but three natural lagoons, containing the clearest azure-coloured water this side of famous Maldives.

Your very own little slice of tropical paradise
Your very own little slice of tropical paradise

This dreamy little island paradise comes to us courtesy of a pas-de-deux between Geology and Mother Nature.

The unique Pulau Bawah location really has to be seen in person, indeed, experienced in person even, to be truly fathomed.

A total 360 degrees of gorgeous vistas, white, fine sandy beaches, countless coconut trees laden with fruit and gin-clear sea water; Pulau Bawah is breathtakingly blissful, without exaggeration a tropical dream come true.

Serenity reigns supreme
Serenity reigns supreme

But there's more. Pulau Bawah also has world-class snorkelling, scuba-diving, hiking, as well as trekking on offer. As well as more R&R-based activitities like lazing, strolling and, pretty much everyone's favorite, sun-bathing.

But, best of all, Pulau Bawah is located just over 150 miles from Singapore, nothing more than an overnight's sail by yacht or power cruiser - your choice.

Pulau Bawah, your private little paradise.

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